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Biodegradable trays for fish products

Biodegradable trays for fish products

Carrefour has launched the first recyclable and biodegradable tray on the market for its fish products. The new packaging is the first of its kind to be used in the Spanish retail sector and can be found in the fish and seafood section at all the chain's...

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Norwegian Cod (Skrei)

Norwegian Cod (Skrei)

Spain has become one of the main consumers of this Norwegian cod, a species that is only caught in the Arctic Ocean. Norway exported 927,000 tons of seafood products with an export value of 31.5 billion. The volume is the same as that registered last year,...

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Spain ends four years of cuts in hake fishing quotas

Spain ends four years of cuts in hake fishing quotas

Hake fishing in the Cantabrian Sea and the waters of Galicia and the Gulf of Cadiz may remain at 9,257 tons for Spain in 2019. This Wednesday, Spain managed to maintain its hake quota in the southern fishing grounds after four consecutive years of cuts,...

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Pescados Biamar, S.L.

A company with vast experience in the fishing sector

Our company is located in two main markets in Gipuzkoa: the port of Pasaia and Merka Oiartzun. We market a wide variety of fresh fish (national and international).

White Fish

The fat in white fish comprises no more than 2% of its weight. Examples of white fish are: four-spot megrim, monkfish, hake, sole, cod and turbot.

Semi-fatty fish

Semi-fatty fish range from white fish to blue fish with a fat content of between 2% and 5%. Examples of semi-fatty fish are: sea bream, sea bass, gilt-head bream and red mullet.

Blue fish

Blue fish, including fatty fish, have a fat ratio of no more than 5% between the muscles. The name blue has nothing to do with biological criteria, but nutritional criteria.


Squid : A squid is an octopus-like marine cephalopod.
Ommastrephidae: a species of mollusk that looks like a squid.

Fresh fish

First-rate quality controls


We work with first-rate quality controls, meeting current European health requirements.


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