Lonja Portuaria s/n, 20110 Pasajes San Pedro, Gipuzkoa

A wide variety of fresh fish

Pescados Biamar, S.L.

A company with vast experience in the fishing sector

Our company is located in two main markets in Gipuzkoa: the port of Pasaia and Merka Oiartzun. We market a wide variety of fresh fish (national and international).

White Fish

The fat in white fish comprises no more than 2% of its weight. Examples of white fish are: four-spot megrim, monkfish, hake, sole, cod and turbot.

Semi-fatty fish

Semi-fatty fish range from white fish to blue fish with a fat content of between 2% and 5%. Examples of semi-fatty fish are: sea bream, sea bass, gilt-head bream and red mullet.

Blue fish

Blue fish, including fatty fish, have a fat ratio of no more than 5% between the muscles. The name blue has nothing to do with biological criteria, but nutritional criteria.


Squid : A squid is an octopus-like marine cephalopod.
Ommastrephidae: a species of mollusk that looks like a squid.

Semi-fatty Fish

These fish have a fat content of between 2% and 5%

White Fish

These fish have a fat content of no greater than 2%


Squid and other squid from the Ommastrephidae family

Fresh fish

First-rate quality controls


We work with first-rate quality controls, meeting current European health requirements.


Lonja Portuaria s/n, 20110 Pasaia San Pedro, Gipuzkoa
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